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O.D.T.C.Training Policy - Instruction


The following policy has been prepared due to representation from members of the club on the difference of training methods taught each Sunday. In an endeavor to provide consistency and a uniform training base the following is the guidelines for our instructors.

The Club endeavors to recognise the various training methods that can be applied to training a dog, the instructors will facilitate all practical methods of training incorporating food rewards, toy rewards and praise rewards.

The Club recognises the various collars that can be used and will not encourage the use of a harness. The Club allows the handler to train with a flat collar, a halty type or head collar, semi check or martingale collar and check chain. A dog handler choosing to train with a check chain will need special instruction on the correct method of using the chain to eliminate excessive use.

The Club will not tolerate cruelty to the dog of any form, this includes hitting the dog, excessive use of the check chain. The Club encourages one dog per handler in a lesson.

An aggressive dog will be removed from the class after all efforts have been made to incorporate the dog in the class. If the dog is removed the instructor is to make every effort to provide individual training to rectify the problem. The instructor is to advise the Committee of the aggressive dog. The committee will advise the handler to seek professional help if the problem is not resolved.

The Club’s current policy on placing a yellow ribbon on a dog’s collar to indicate the dog needs space has been working well and should continue.

It is the Club’s policy that an Instructor is not allowed to handle a member’s dog.

N.B. Although the O.D.T.C. Committee will always endeavor to provide enough Instructors for Sunday Morning Training, as this is a volunteer run organisation, this will not always be possible. As members are aware, we are losing our regular Instructors due to different reasons. As the general membership has been reluctant to step forward and support their club, the Committee has reluctantly found it necessary to implement the O.D.T.C. Instructor Shortage Policy, for such times that adequate Instructors are not available.

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