Please arrive 15 minutes before classes begin to  be able to start classes on time.   Ground Fees on the day are $7 per session. Please bring cash payment as we do not have EFTPOS facilites.


Beginners are welcome on the first Sunday of each month, although feel free to come along and watch on any Sunday. All dogs must be fully vaccinated and their vaccination certificates brought along when you join.


Beginners may bring their dog along with with them on the day, as they will have an orientation morning for the first session and the start of basic training with their dog in the second session. It is recommended that new members ring our contact number to confirm starting times.

Collars and leads can be purchased at the club if required.Please note: that for all training sessions, you will need to have your dog vetted (at club grounds) and be signed in before the commencement of the class.

If you arrive after the Sunday class has commenced you may not be able to join your class until the second session. This decision is at the discretion of the instructor, or a committee member.

  • Proceed to the Vetting Table to have your dog checked

  • Tie your dog up to one of the posts provided, or place them in one of the cages provided.

  • Pay ground fees at the registration table and collect your name badge (please bring sufficient cash as no EFTPOS is available), and then return to your dog

  • Class begins at either 8.30am (Summer Daylight Saving time) or 9.00am (Winter)

  • Class breaks at approximately half an hour later and returns to the shed for notices, discussion and socialization. Complimentary tea or coffee, and biscuits  are available.

  • After a 10 minute break, return to class for further tuition

  • Classes finish at approximately 10.15am

  • Please make sure you hand back your badge at the end of class to the registration table.

Training level - Beginners
  • Orientation

  • Ground Rules

  • Collars and Training Tools

  • Footwork and Hand Signals

  • Types of Rewards - Praise, Toy, Food

  • The basics - Heel, Sit, Sit for examination

Training level - Class One
  • Heel  (verbal and  hand signal command)

  • Sit  (verbal and hand signal command)

  • Sit for examination beside handler

  • Introduce Stand

  • Introduce Drop

  • Introduce Stay

  • Socialisation

Training Level - Class 2
  • Heeling on loose lead with minimal corrections

  • Stand for Examination beside handler ( verbal and hand signal command)

  • Drop  (verbal command  and hand signal)

  • Sit Stay ( verbal command and hand signal)

  • Down Stay (verbal command and hand signal)

  • Recall / Come (On Lead)

  • Stand for Examination to end of lead (introduction)

  • Go to heel (verbal and hand signal command)

Training Level - Class 3
  • Heeling on loose lead (Limited corrections)

  • Sit automatically and squarely beside handler (Limited correction)

  • Stand squarely beside handler (verbal and hand signal command)

  • Drop immediately ( verbal and hand signal)

  • Sit/ Stay (verbal and hand signal)

  • Down / Stay (verbal and hand signal)

  • Recall / Come (On Lead)

  • Stand for examination to end of lead

  • Stand / Stay to end of lead

  • Return to Heel position

Training Level - Class 4
  •  Heeling off lead as instructed

  • Automatic sits squarely (No Corrections)

  • Stand / Stay without movement

  • Stand for examination without lead

  • Drop / stay leave you dog no lead

  • Out of sight work

  • Hand signal command work only

  • Recall / Come (Off Lead as instructed)

  • Verbal command work only

Classes - Grading System:

Class 1  Green  -  Class 2  Yellow  -  Class 3  Blue  Class 4  Red

The class colours indicate the ability level of that class.

Your dog will gradually be introduced to the commands:  Heel, Sit, Down, Stand, Sit Stay, Stand for Examination, Down Stay, Recall, Go to Heel. 

As your dog advances, it will be promoted into a more advanced class, upon successful completion of a Grading Test.

On the 4th Sunday of each month, the Grading Officer will test all dogs in each class.

These tests are not compulsory, but encouraged. 

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